SuperFoodz Is Attacking Global Food Scarcity
With The Help Of BlockChain & Our SuperHeroes

Broccoli Rob thinks it’s a human right to have proper nutrition. Together with his squad of superheroes they are knocking out hunger around the world.

SuperFoodz is a giving community helping to solve the domestic and international hunger issue. Nearly 9 million people die of hunger annually and over 140 million suffer from malnutrition. SuperFoodz has risen from the harvest to bring justice to those in need.

The SuperFoodz SF loyalty token was engineered to empower the battle against hunger. SF is an Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon loyalty utility token created for those loyal to the SuperFoodz Hunger Cause.

SuperFoodz is an impact organization helping to eliminate hunger by working with local and global food banks, community charities, school systems and grass root organizations. SF, by both its design and utility, will provide resources to recognized charitable organizations to empower impoverished and disenfranchised groups & communities, to provide immediate wholesome nutrition, grow their own food, create and/or improve their agricultural infrastructure.  As awareness and use of the SF loyalty token increases, larger numbers of those in need will receive essential life-giving nutritional support.

The SuperFoodz SF Token IEO

(Initial Exchange Offering)

Coming Soon

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Let Flaming Dragon Fruit Walk You Down
The RoadMap

Q4 2022

Whitepaper Released
Website Launched
Launch Social Media Community
Establish Community Relations

Tier 1 CEX Token Listings
DEX Liquidity Pool Launch
Deepen Community Relations
Charity Expansion
Athlete | Celebrity | Influencer Partnerships Established

Global Food Donations
Strategic Partnerships Within Giving Community
Deepen International Relations
Expand SF Utility Functionality

Global Acceptance of SF Loyalty Token
Further Transcend 21st Century Blockchain Giving Model
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Broccoli Rob
Technology &

The Cauliflower Kid
Operations &

Tomato Tornado

Relentless Red Onion

Johnny Bananas


Partnering With Local Charities
To Make A Difference Where It Matters

Let’s Knockout Hunger Together.  SuperFoodz starts with giving, and the understanding that as SuperFoodz grows in size, scope, and utility, we are actively looking for other food based charitable organizations to partner with, to serve different but complementary communities to our growing list of organizations.

To Fight For Justice With SuperFoodz:

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